When it comes to online casinos and their respective games, then players have now many fantastic alternatives to choose from, including all the stunning video slots, as well as other casino games, of course. Such a unique gaming platform as Ikibu casino will be at the forefront of innovation, adding to this fun activity all the fantastic components it currently has in its program. There are a few things that you should probably know about this online casino, and you can learn all that and so much more – simply by reaching its official website, where everything will become clear pretty soon.

Would you maybe like to participate in one of the special Ikibu Races? Because of so, then you can do just that, by following the trail that will lead you straight to casino Ikibu, where many exquisite prizes will be already waiting for you. The games are rich in bonus goods and all manner of valuable resources, including free spins, cash prizes, and copious amounts of seeds. The best is yet to come however, because you can already join one of the ongoing races, which are part of the regular program at Ikibu – available to all current members of this online casino. Starting off with the first race – the Weekly Quest offers a trip into the world of colorful games, featuring many classics, and the total of 100,000 Seeds plus 7500 Spins.

Then, there is the Daily Chase, which comes with 20,000 Seeds and 2000 Spins. The Weekly Quest starts at 15:00 today, while the Daily Chase – at 17:00. Looks like the players have their work cut out for them, as they do not have to worry about finding another competition to participate in, and instantly play their favorite games at Ikibu.

Ikibu Casino Promotion

Weekly Quest
Total Seeds:100,000
Max Spins: 7500
Date: 06/06
Time: 15:00

Daily Chase
Total Seeds: 20,000
Max Spins: 2000
Date: 06/06
Time: 17:00

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