Did you check the brand new online casino of Bonanza Game yet? If not, then prepare to be amazed, because this fabulous playground has all the hot slots and games that you can already play there. Think of it as your next favorite thing, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find what the BonanzaGame casino has prepared for your arrival.

Start off by meeting certain requirements that will allow you to sign up and create a user account, which you may then use to access the site and its software, thus giving you plenty to do and even more to win. Let’s focus on the present however, and the big event that is going on at casino BonanzaGame right about now. The Spring Breakdown Tournament – because this is the name of the current promotional event going on at the casino – is already producing some winners, and they are about to share a significant sum of the money, which makes up for a total fund of $5000 in money prizes.

The cash will be split among the top 100 winners, who can get it relatively easy, as just by playing the games available at Bonanza Game, each player can have an equal opportunity and chance to win big – bigger than you can possibly imagine. The more you play, the better your chances of winning are in the end, so don’t hold back when it comes to making bets, and feel free to drop by the online casino between the 21st March and April 15th – because this is when the Spring Breakdown Tournament is happening. Each winner can expect to receive a prize accordingly to the sum of bets made throughout the duration of this campaign, which means that the bigger the bets – the more cash is going to flow your way.

Just be careful when taking things for granted, and always direct your attention to what’s actually vital, and those would be the terms, conditions, and whatnot, which are still required of all participants of this online tournament. The casino has prepared some other events for the upcoming weeks too, so don’t be a stranger, and be sure to check out what’s new and what’s old, every time you return for some more of this quality entertainment.

Bonanza Game Casino Promotion

Tournament: Spring Breakdown

Duration: 21st March – 15th April

Prize fund: $5000

Qualifications: sum of bets

Leaderboard: 100 players

Wagering requirement: 10x

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