Ever wondered what it would be like to leave all your problems behind and just enjoy the life as it passes you by? Well that can be arranged and you only must take things slowly for a few moments, before realizing that everything is but an addition to your daily struggles that do not necessarily have to be that difficult to overcome. Forget about the troubles by joining Casino Estrella in the next iteration of its Monthly Spin Mission, where €1000 in cold hard cash will be split among the winners of this competition. Big bonuses await for all participants of the monthly spin missions that are already a tradition for this online casino, making it even easier to join as you are soon about to find out. Casino Estrella is a particularly attractive gaming site, well known for its generous bonus offers which are quite popular with players around the world.

Keep in mind that in order to take part in this promo, you must be a member of the service, so do not hesitate any longer if you are not and join the casino even right now. Make sure to play the “Vikings go Berzerk” slot between the 3rd and 7th of July, so that you may qualify for the raffle which is going to decide who wins what and how much. Top 20 of the players who make it will be sharing a portion of the prize, so it might definitely be something that you have to check out soon enough. If you do not qualify for the main even then do not worry, because there will be an extra draw for €250, giving you another chance to win some money in the end. This particular raffle will be available to those who land on any spot from 1-30, so do not falter, but get immediately into the action, as there is plenty more content to enjoy at Casino Estrella. Pick some treasures chests along the way for extra loot, with additional 10 prizes available at this point.

Casino Estrella Promotion

Mission: Get the highest single coin win (in free spins)

Qualifying game: “Vikings go Berzerk” online slot

Leaderboard: 3rd July [00:00CET] – 7th July [23:59CET]

Raffle: July 8th [00:00CET] – July 9th [23:59CET]

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