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The best way to experience these adventures, is by allowing yourself to journey to the world of Bit Starz, and finding what this is all about. The Fantasy Adventure is an online campaign, in which four magical realms of air, water, fire and earth, have opened their gates and welcome all adventurers or treasures seekers – to enter the worlds beyond this land.

There are €50,000 in prizes for every player who joins this adventure, which can be done by simply playing any game provided by the Bit Starz casino. Reach the next level when you continue playing the online games, and get a prize instantly credited to your player account, which should get you exactly what you have been counting on all along. The adventures will continue until the 20th of August, so expect to find yourself surrounded by many attractive opportunities, which are definitely going to help you get settled in real quick. Wagering requirements, terms and conditions will apply.

BitStarz Casino Promotion

Campaign: Fantasy Adventure

Ends: 20th August 2018

Qualifications: real money bets

Eligibility: all games

Wagering: 10x

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