Great prizes are waiting for all winners of the mobile tournament challenges that are hosted daily at Betsson casino right now. If you want to be one of the lucky few who will grab a portion of the cash pool, then make sure to drop by casino Betsson between the 25th and 29th of June, as it is when the online promotion is going to go on. The competition continues with a lot at stakes for the moment, so if you feel like playing some games and getting extra chips, then you might want to participate in what this online casino has prepared right now. All of those who complete at least one of the ongoing daily challenges, will be granted an entry ticket for the €7,500 Final Challenge Tournament which is going to take place on the 30th June 2017. You can find the dates and other details regarding these events below in this section.

Seems like there will be lots of fabulous rewards for the winners of this unlikely competition. Whatever you plan to do, keep in mind that Betsson will help you achieve the impossible and become a winner in no time. All that can be possible due to the fact that the casino is currently running its daily mobile challenges, offering not only an entry into the final tournament but also up to 13,000 chips to boost the start stack in no time. Completing daily challenges provides the extra chips, rewarded to all qualifying participants of the competition, so look forward to much more than just the usual spins or bonuses, and with the additional coins, the possibilities are practically limitless.

Betsson Casino Promotion

Date / Challenge / Prize / Extra chips
June 25 | Play 2 Fish Party (mobile) | €500 Fish Party – Ticket Lottery #1 | 1500
June 26 | Play 3 Fish Party (mobile) | €500 Fish Party – Ticket Lottery #2 | 2000
June 27 | Play an MTT for real money (mobile) | €500 Fish Party – Ticket Lottery #3 | 3500
June 28 | Win 4 Fish Party (mobile) | €500 Fish Party – Ticket Lottery #4 | 4000
June 29 | Win 5 Fish Party (mobile) | €500 Fish Party – Ticket Lottery #5 | 6000

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