Casino BetSafe arrives with a new promotion, this time focusing on the Old West theme. If western frontiers and cowboy filled saloons are your thing, then head straight to BetSafe casino, where you will find a very promising new campaign, hosted by the “Wild Wild West – The Great Train Heist” slot machine. Brace yourself for a train robbery of the century, while you venture through the desert accompanied by your partners in crime, lead toward the final destination. If you play the cards right and have a little luck on your side, then everything will go accordingly to plan and all of you can walk away with bags full of money. First off, there are lots of spins to grab while plundering the train, including daily bonus rounds such as Free Spins, Big Spins or even Super Spins, available on the Wild Wild West casino game.

Deposit €10 & wager €50 – get 50 Free Spins (worth €0.20)

Wager an additional €250 – get 25 Big Spins (worth €1)

Wager another €450 – get 10 Super Spins (worth €3)

There is still more however, because the players can take part in the €15,000 tournament and walk away with a significant portion of cash. Everybody who makes some spins on the Wild Wild West slot during the 1st – 14th of August and qualify for the event by playing at least 20 rounds with a minimum bet worth €0.20. A player with the highest average earnings made throughout these sessions may yet proclaim you as the ultimate winner of this competition.

BetSafe Promotion

* The following promo is available to all BetSafe users

* This campaign runs between the 1st and 14th August 2016

* Players who wish to participate must opt in

* Activity will not count before opting

* Canadian regions are excluded from this promotion

* General terms and conditions apply

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