The sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence, and after a long winter season, it’s going to be hot and sunny for the next couple of months. Or at least let us hope so, because that should help everyone unwind, even just a little bit, and then focus on other pressing matters – such as relaxation and taking care of stuff. That is but one of the many ways that you can resolve some of the issues that are still bugging you for some reasons, but it sure helps to take some time off from work, or life in general. The Azartplay casino is also going to make the most out of this opportunity, and take a break while launching its Juicy Holiday Lottery – a campaign in which all players can become the next big winners.

You don’t have to be especially proficient in anything, but have some time to focus on your favorite games, and other potential activities that are currently taking place at casino Azartplay. A total prize pool of €25,000 is going to be shared among the top players of this next lottery, and apart from the regular prizes that the top 20 users will be receiving this month, the best 10 of them can expect to see some extra goodies: T-shirts, baseball caps and other licensed wares, with a logo of the Azartplay gaming brand. Each 30EUR worth of bets that were made on slots, will get you tickets into the lottery, which should make entering the raffle far easier and open to any of those who wish to participate and win themselves some of the amazing prizes. One of the main prizes is a 2-week long dream holiday for two – to any of the warm countries of your choice.

The Juicy Holiday promotion runs between April 6th and May 10th, which gives you a total of 22 days to participate in this promotion and enter the draw, which offers plenty of goods, available to everyone who wants to enjoy the various other things from Azart play. You can even find that the online casino has all kinds of options in the game department, which should not only appease the fans of video slots, but also encourage those who prefer some alternative genres and categories of casino entertainment, coming from the very best of software experts and companies that specialize in this department.

Azartplay Casino Promotion

Promotion: Juicy Holiday Lottery

Duration: 6th April – 10th May (2018)

Total Prize Pool: 25 000 EUR

Tickets / Bet: 1 = €30

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