Many of you have been probably wondering how to spend the remainder of this year, what with the holiday season and new year approaching really fast – there is little time left to make plans for a party. This can change when you hear about the next big event by casino BitStarz, which has an active promotion: Ancient Egypt Classic in Spin City, definitely worth looking into. The following promo comes with a €10,000 VIP travel package to Las Vegas for one lucky winner, and really big prize pool worth €50,000 in total cash prizes for the remaining 999 runners-up. Bonus terms and conditions are going to apply, naturally, as are other requirements that might apply to certain stages of this ongoing promotional campaign.

Sign up and open an account with the BitStarz casino, to take control of your online experience, and play the latest in online games and video slots. One of those fantastic slot machines is the Ancient Egypt Classic; the game that is going to take you all the way to the fabulous Sin City. The other games that are also participating in this campaign, are: Ancient Egypt, Vegas Magic, Diamond Strike, and Wolf Gold. The Ancient Egypt Classic in Spin City promotion is taking place at the online casino of Bit Starz – between the 22nd of November and the 2nd of December, 2018.

BitStarz Casino Promotion

Campaign: Ancient Egypt Classic in Spin City

Duration: [00:00CET] November 22 – [23:59CET] December 2 (2018)

Games: Ancient Egypt + Classic, Vegas Magic, Wolf Gold, Diamond Strike

Prizes: €10,000 VIP Las Vegas + €50,000 Cash

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