This new month will bring more chances to win and grab a few prizes, so if you are particularly inclined to online entertainment – especially of the casino variety, then you can definitely look forward to a couple of bonus prizes. The rewards are many, but more importantly: the players will be able to compete and play some exciting new games, like this one particular slot that is going to be featured throughout this entire time of this promotion.

The place that we are talking about here, is none other than Dazzle Casino; a unique gaming site, that has been the players’ favorite among all the gambling services out there. In fact, it’s that kind of online casino, that brings you plenty of uncompromising table games, and even more of those popular video slots. All things considered, this is one of those places where you can really feel like you are living. There are all kinds of promotions as well, featuring many of the popular options like those which can be found at most online casinos. As every other promotion, this tournament is also going to be subject to certain terms and conditions – as required by the DazzleCasino, and its bonus rewards program.

The campaign goes by the name: Sneak-Peek Heartburst Tournament, which is part sneak peek, part tournament. And as the title clearly suggests, the game presented during this tournament will be no other than the Heartburst slot; Heartburst and Heartburst Jackpot that is, as both version of the game are taking part in it. It’s going to be a huge event, not to mention the massive prize pool of £/$/€2,000 – which is going to make a real difference when it comes to either winning or losing. Just make a deposit with the promotional code: HEART, and you will be entering a tournament for £/$/€2000.

The thing is, the best portion of the entertainment comes with everything that players love about online gambling in general, and that is: playing games and having fun. The rest is secondary, but money can still may come in handy. The rest will even surprise you, and offer more than anybody would hope to hope for or expect.

Dazzle Casino Promotion

Promotion: Sneak-Peek Heartburst Tournament

Dates: 4th-17th September 2018

Games: Heartburst & Heartburst Jackpot


Rank / Prize
1st – £/$/€1,000
2nd – £/$/€500
3rd – £/$/€250
4th-8th – £/$/€50
9th-14th – £/$/€25
15th-20th – £/$/€10

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