The Casoo casino returns with a special Halloween campaign; the kind of which is about to plunge you even deeper into its galaxy of games. That is what the players can expect when they find themselves surrounded by these cosmic promotions, a lot of which are about to take them into another dimension of gaming. The following tournament, known as the Halloween Space Race, will provide an immense amount of new games for you to play, and of course an even greater deal of extra bonus prizes.

This Cosmic Halloween Space Race is the best type of event one can possibly join this week, and that is really something for sure. It’s going to be active between the 30th of October and the 2nd of November, so now is a good time to become part of the online casino Casoo. If you haven’t registered already, then there are lots of special benefits that you may earn, if you only take some time to open an account. This Cosmic Halloween promotion on the other hand, offers a total pool of €20,000 – a fitting reward that the top players are going to share at the end of this holiday campaign. Enter the Casoo space program, where you will find a lot of things to explore. There are limitless possibilities to play and win, as with so many games at your disposal, you can do just about anything you like. Bonus terms and conditions may apply.

Casoo Casino Promotion

Promotion: Cosmic Halloween

Tournament: Space Race

Rewards: €20,000

Start: October 30

End: November 2

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