The past might be long forgotten, but it still reminisces up to this day, and the history cannot be ignored that easily, especially when it holds an important lesson to remember for all eternity. Those who might be wondering about the times ahead, may want to learn from past mistakes and look forward to building a better future for everyone else who is going to live on this planet. And even though fate may not be set in stone, the one that you are going to experience really soon can still be, quite literally at that too – which to be completely frank; seems like a prophecy of sorts.

Enter the world of the “Asgardian Stones”, a mysterious artifact left by the old gods to prevent the mortals from entering their divine realms. Someone as bold as you should at least consider making an effort to try and access the land beyond our wildest dreams, which can hold not only untold treasures, but also some answers to the questions that remained for as long as this universe exists. The Asgardian Stones is a new NetEnt game that will be launching pretty soon, therefore the Royal Panda casino would like to offer you some help in achieving the impossible, and contribute to your adventure with €150 worth of spins. However, those free spins would be available only for a short and limited period of time.

Everyone who will deposit a minimum amount required to unlock a bonus on one or more of the promotional days, will be receiving a certain amount of free spins, which can often turn the tide in your favor, and make even the impossible seem – well, possible. Feel the power coursing through the ancient stones and uncover the ancient magics that were long thought to be forgotten. You can gather up to 75 Royal Spins during the time of this grand expedition, as this campaign will last between the 23rd and 25th of February, this year. The rest is up to you and whatever future might hold, there is no denying the powerful notion that will definitely draw your attention toward this intriguing piece of software.

Royal Panda Casino Free Spins

Deposit €25 or more (before 23:59CET) – get 25 Free Spins

Deposit €250 or more (before 23:59CET) – get 25 Royal Spins

Deposit every day (23-25 February) – get up to 75 Royal Spins

Promo date: 23rd – 25th February 2018

Featured game: Asgardian Stones

Wagering requirement: 35x

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