The year 2019 is finally here, and no one will be able to predict what it brings us; hopefully only good things. The thing is, that each consecutive year pushes the boundaries of science and technology, and this civilization is getting more advanced by the hour, yet some things are still eluding us for the time being. It is also the next chapter in this planet’s history, so it would be recommended to learn a thing or two about it. General terms and conditions will apply.

There is no need to dwell in the past for too long however, so let’s focus on the future, hoping for the best to come yet. In the meantime, why not take a break and relax for a little while, by playing some fantastic new games that casino SlotV has brought forward recently. This gaming site has also prepared a special lottery for its players – active for the entire duration of this month, and delivering the players non-stop fun with loads of prizes. This should make for an exciting pastime, so if you don’t have anything planned in terms of spare time this month – then head to SlotV casino.

The January 2019 lottery, brings a total of 100,000 Euros that will be split among the winners. The lottery tickets are awarded for every 250 Euro in bets that one makes on the slot games, and the current number of those tickets would be displayed in your personal player account. New players can still claim a great welcome bonus on top of that.

SlotV Casino Promotion

Promo Dates: 1-31 January 2019

Total Pool: €100,000

Lottery Prizes:
€30,000.00: 1 Ticket (in drawing)
€10,000.00: 3 Tickets (in drawing)
€2,000.00: 10 Tickets in drawing)
€400.00: 26 Tickets (in drawing)
€160.00: 60 Tickets (in drawing)

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