If you cannot wait until Christmas to finally get your hands on a present, then now is the best chance to place your bets for winning another fine gift that you might hand yourself this year. Slot Fruity Casino wishes its players all the best during this Xmas Holidays, while granting the visitors a chance for winning a brand new mobile phone at the same time. Fully able to carry out any necessary tasks like making calls and taking pictures, the cell phone will allow you to access many of the best online games that are fully compatible with such hand-held devices.

Every single deposit of £10 that you make during the 23rd and 29th of December, will grant a single entry for the upcoming draw where the main prize is a £500 worth mobile phone. Again, the more you wager – the better chances you have at winning. This looks like the best Christmas yet, especially when you can also play all your favorite games provided by Slot Fruity.

Santa call at Slotfruity

– Promotion will be running between the 23 and 29 December 2015

– To qualify for this event, players must deposit and wager at least £10

– The main prize of this draw is a brand new Mobile Phone worth £500

– A cash equivalent of £500 is also available instead of the reward

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