The Eurovision Song Contest is a recurring musical event that continues to be a favorite among the fans of competitive signing since its very first iteration launched back in 1956. Pump up the volume and crank in up to eleven, as it will be an exciting contest bringing forth the biggest stars of music with the continuous performances in the twenty first century.

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Vera & John Casino Promotion

Vote for 12 finalists in the I Eurovision semi-final: 1st–9th May

Vote for 12 finalists in the II Eurovision semi-final: 1st–11th May

Vote for 10 finalists in the Eurovision final: 12th–13th May

Correctly select the top 10 / 12 in random order – win €500

Correctly match the top 5 in correct order – win €500

Correctly select the top 5 in random order – win €200

Correctly match the top 3 in correct order – win €100

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