Each passing day brings forth a new opportunity to make the most out of life and whatnot, but sometimes it’s better stay at home and cut yourself out from the outside. The world is a scary place and history likes to repeat itself, which is a scary thought to be honest. But do you know the story about the Pied Piper and his contribution to folklore as well as classic fables? Well, there are plenty of excellent casino games based on popular fantasy tales; filled with wonders and untold riches – riches that you can actually win here. It’s ironic how things work out, but who knows what the future may bring, so why not leave everything to chance and try some gambling before realizing what the next step could be.

There is already an excellent alternative for any kind of entertainment one might have planned for the evening, and the online casino iGame delivers. The Pied Piper Tournament comes with a massive prize pool worth €20,000, and you can win even €3,000 in cold, hard cash at the end of it. Simply opt in, or sign up prior to that, and then proceed to the lobby, where you will find the “Pied Piper” slot, which is going to qualify you for the prizes. Players with the highest equalized wins over consecutive 20 rounds, are going to win a share from the €20000 cash pot, which should leave them quite satisfied, not to mention all set and ready for another round of gameplay. This particular tournament remains open at the iGame casino between: January 22nd and February 4th, 2018. Only real money bets can qualify for this promotion, so no bonus balance at the moment. The cash prizes have no wagering requirement, which means that everyone can enjoy the spoils as soon as they are distributed, accordingly to the places reached at the end of this promo.

iGame Casino Promotion

Tournament period: 22nd January – 4th February

Qualifying game: Pied Piper

Winning criteria: highest equalized win

Minimum number of rounds: 20

Total prize pool: €20,000

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