Although this year might be slowly coming to an end, there are still a few events ahead, that would mark the arrival of the new year, and a holiday season before that. Many online casinos will be celebrating the last few weeks with their best promotions, and long awaited bonus campaigns with daily bonuses and additional prizes. Prizes that are often credited in the form of cold, hard cash – which is often the best way to begin such experience in the first place.

There might be even a chance for some talent contest, a Reel Talent of course, which is the type of promotion that you can join upon reaching the Dazzle Casino this month. That’s absolutely right – Dazzle Casino is hosting its Reel Talent – Real Rewards promo between the 12th and 20th of November, involving the game “Reel Talent” and a €25,000 prize pool. Once you get ready for the competitions at hand, you may enter the raffle by getting lottery tickets, and you get 1 entry ticket for every €25 wager that you make during this period, starting with November 12th. It seems like this is going to be a huge gaming event, so expect to see hear more of it in the days that follow.

You might want to start earning those tickets right now, so feel free to do just that, and help yourself to whatever the online casino has prepared for this special occasion. There are always amazing things that await you there, and the DazzleCasino website is always the best source to learn all about it. More information will be waiting for you upon arrival, just remember that the promotion will be available only till the 20th November, and not a day longer.

Dazzle Casino Promotion

Campaign: Reel Talent – Real Rewards

Duration: 12-20 November 2018

Total Pool: Reel Talent

Minimum Wager: €25

1x €5,000
3x €1,000
10x €500
20x €200
30x €100
100x €50

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