There is always something nice to look forward to when playing at the Royal Panda online casino, especially during fine promotional campaigns such as this one. If you have always wanted to visit the city of London, the capital of European culture and one of the oldest cities on this continent, then you may certainly want to check out the latest promo offered by the Royal Panda casino. Get ready to pack your stuff and travel all the way to the United Kingdom, as you will be aided by Royal Panda in this endeavor, which you may certainly participate in, after fulfilling the necessary conditions.

First off, be sure to play the Live Roulette between the period of 19th and 25th October, this year. It is a mandatory requirement that must be fulfilled in order to proceed further to the next stages of the promotion. With every €100 that you bet on this game, a single ticket would be credited to your account, which is then necessary to qualify for the draw that is going to determine who wins the main prize. You may always check the actual rankings, which are frequently updated on a daily basis, just before noon. If you wish to take part in the draw, then you must get into the top three at the end of this campaign and in order to do that, you need to collect enough raffle tickets.

The draw itself will be hosted on the 26th of October, which leaves you plenty of time to make sure that you are in one of the leading positions. If you prove that you are determined to win, then you can expect to have a really good chance at winning a luxurious weekend in London, including two nights in the Hotel 41 as well as dining at the Ledbury restaurant. Plus, the online casino will pay for all travel expenses, so that you can enjoy your time off from work and fully enjoy yourself there. There is always more information that you may acquire straight from the source of this promotion, which is expected to launch really soon on the Royal Panda website.

Royal Panda Casino Promotion

* The Live Roulette promotion takes place during the week of 19th and 25th October

* Players would be granted one ticket for every €100 in cumulative wagers

* Only real cash balance counts toward qualifying for this campaign

* Three participants with the highest number of tickets will proceed to the draw

* One person will be randomly selected as the final winner of the London trip

* The draw is going to be hosted on the 26th of October 2016

* Standard Terms & Conditions are still going to apply for this promotion

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