Are you bored out of your mind, or maybe tired of all the work assignments? It sure can be difficult to find balance between whatever fills the entire day, but rest assured that entertainment is but a click away. Case in point: CasinoPop is the best way to alleviate from the troubles of everyday life and forget about them even just for a little bit. There is nothing more rewarding than spinning the reels of placing bets at the virtual tables, as with each successful outcome, you are getting closer to massive winnings and maybe even life changing decisions that can result in a lot of money. Gambling at Casino Pop always carries the potential to result astounding prizes, including additional bonuses, extra spins, multiple freebies and of course; cash prizes. Those are not the only things that can be won however, as Casino Pop is often hosting its regular tournaments in which the players can win a trip to one of the iconic places around Europe as well as the rest of the world.

Give in to the desires and find yourself in a seat directed to any of the locations that are currently featured during the eponymous popTicket raffles. Treat yourself to a vacation that you probably deserved already, so why not give it a chance and try winning the luxurious trip that is going to be sponsored by CasinoPop itself. It does not get any better than this, so keep doing what counts by collecting popTickets for the upcoming raffle, which is going to take place quite soon, because on the 10th of October. In order to qualify and eventually win, the player must first enter a particular raffle, which can be done by gathering as many popTickets as possible. These pop tickets are credited for winning on any of the popSpin games, which can be found at the online casino. Check with the conditions first and see if you qualify for this kind of promotion, and if you do – then get straight into it, because the challenges are definitely worth it.

CasinoPop Promotion

* The next popTicket raffle will be held on October 10th at 12:00 CET

* All popTickets won in a popSpin game are automatically added to the next raffle

* Prize includes an equivalent sum of travel costs from Stockholm to the final destination

* A runner-up prize becomes available in case of numerous raffle tickets

* Additional information can be found in the Promotions section of CasinoPop

* Standard Terms & Conditions may still apply

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