The time of heroes is now, and nothing will stop in your way of seizing this opportunity for greatness, fame and riches. Make sure that you visit the WildSlots casino before this month comes to an end, as then you will have a chance to enter a new gaming campaign; one that is going to last for as long as you are capable of holding the ground. The promotion will rely on patience as much as dedication, but the prizes are more than worth it. Why not take this for what it is, and get straight into action, as words might carry voices, but only feats will prove who might be the last survivor to win it all.

Not many can actually survive an impending onslaught or persevere in the toughest conditions imaginable, while some might actually possess natural character traits or healthy benefits that allow them to come out from difficult situations. But when it comes to money, then most would agree that it can be a strong driving force that motivates in correlation to the prospects of a more comfortable life in the future. Winners of this incredibly challenging competition are going to share a portion of the £10,000 cash pool, including the main prize of £5,000 that can be yours if you only want it. In order to qualify for the upcoming tournament, you must start playing as soon as the promo begins, which happens to be the 26th February 2018, and continue your streak for the next, consecutive 14 days at minimum, if you wish to take part in it.

Only members of the VIP Program may enter this campaign, and one must be at a particular level of either Platinum, Premium or Prestige, to successfully opt in. The minimum daily bet is £200, but you should check with the promotional terms to see what currency equivalents are available at this point. Once you are ready, then follow the updates found on the Last Survivor page, along with the current leaderboard of the runners-up, positioning the winners accordingly to their scored records. Not everyone will be eligible, so the players should check which regions are allowed to participate and which are not, but in case of doubts – feel free to contact the online support.

WildSlots Casino Promotion

The Last Survivors

Start: 26/02/2018

Eligibility: VIP Program membership

Qualifications: Platinum / Premium / Prestige level

Min. daily bet: €/£/$200

Consecutive streak: 14 days minimum

Prize pool: $/£10,000

1st place – $/€5,000 cash
2nd place – $/€3,000 cash
3rd place – $/€1,000 cash
4th place – $/€500 cash
5th place – $/€500 cash

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