Prepare yourselves for a good old rumble in the jungle, with astounding cash prizes and a wildlife experience package for one lucky player. A new tournament had begun at casino Vera & John, paving way for the many successful adventures that you are about to experience firsthand. The top prize for this campaign is a Wildlife Experience worth €8,000, a real life safari for two people, who will be send to the heart of India. An open Jeep ride will take them on a trip around the national parks of Kanha and Pench, complete with a survival kit and other useful goodies to make the most out of this journey.

The rest of players can expect multiple cash prizes drawn in the random raffle that will be taking place at the end of this promotion. Rumble in the Jungle tournament is open to all members of the Vera & John casino, available between the 22nd and 28th of September 2017. Several draws will be taking place throughout the promotional period, including the Pick-and-Click raffle that is going to be hosted during the 29th – 1st October. It is quite fitting that the game picked for this competition would be none other than: “Jungle Books”. You cannot miss this opportunity for excitement and fulfill your dreams of becoming a real adventurer, as who knows where this journey might take you. A total of €50,000 is going to be split among the winners; €37,000 goes to the 499 runners-up of the main event, while a €5,000 would be shared by the additional 166 selected at the end of the tournament. There is already a promotional section reserved for this event, so go check it out and opt-in to participate in what could prove to be an adventure of a life time.

Vera & John Casino Promotion

Promo period: 22/09/2017 – 28/09/2017 [10:00-23:59CEST]

Featured game: “Jungle Books”

Minimum bet: €0.50.

Prizes (Top 500 players):
1st: Wildlife Experience (€8,000)
2nd: €6,000
3rd: €4,000
4th: €2,500
5th: €1,000
6th: €800
7th: €600
8th: €500
9th-10th: €300
11th-15th: €200
16th-25th: €150
26th-50th: €100
51st-100th: €80
101st-200th: €50
201st-300th: €30
301st-500th: €20

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