Everybody can take interest in some of the more dynamic forms of entertainment that an online casino is actively marketing. Due to various interests in this matter, the players can find out that each of these promotions follow a different path, therefore varying rewards can be obtained while participating in such competitions. As far as cash prizes are concerned, it is one of the best ways to satisfy everyone accordingly to their personal interest, which is also why the €250 Casino Race hosted by Noxwin Casino is so widely popular among all of its attendees. The second week of the Noxwin Casino has already started on the 4th of June and will go on further until the 10th of June, gathering every single enthusiast of fast paced gaming, who is able to successfully collect the most points throughout this period of time.

The cash rewards will be credited without any wagering requirements, so whatever you win – you keep, as it is yours to use at any convenience. Those willing to take part in the casino race set by Noxwin, may effectively do so by playing as many times as they can, because with each €5 played on slots specified for the duration of this challenge, will grant 1 whole NoxPoint. The more of those points you acquire, the higher position you will get on the rank list, where at the end of each weekly race, the top 10 players can expect to be rewarded with many special prizes. The awards are being distributed on every Saturday and the players are ranked accordingly to their activity for the past 7 days, spent at casino Noxwin.

Noxwin Casino Promotion

* The weekly competitions are hosted by specific software providers

* Campaigns start on each Saturday of the week and last for the next 7 days

* Every new week will bring a different casino vendor to the game

* 1 NoxPoint can be obtained after playing for €5 on the featured slots

* The rankings are updated regularly once every 24 hours

* To appear on the rank list, one must get at least 1 point every day for a week

* Additional conditions can still apply

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