A fancy tournament is currently taking place at the online casino of Casinia, a farewell to the shortest month of the year, conveniently dubbed as Valentine’s Warm-Up. This campaign is not only celebrating the arrival of March, and what will proceed next when the spring season returns, but also offers a chance to go on a nostalgic trip with some amazing slot titles, including many of the all time classics among video slots.

Participants of this online tournament will also be able to share a grand prize pool of €15,000 – which sure can help you in whatever you plan on doing further ahead. There are many games and bonuses ahead, and you can definitely expect some kind of surprise along the way, but right now, try to focus on the competition ahead, and see if that is going to work quite well in the process. This would be a perfect opportunity to join the online casino Casinia and explore the many potential adventures that you can have there. Start by ensuring that the network has your favorite type of software, and it definitely does, because there are multiple options regarding the games at work. Maximize your chances by investing a minimum deposit, which unlocks a great deal of benefits, including the extra funds that will allow you to proceed further.

Other than that, it’s important to remember that this promotion will last only until February 15th, therefore it will be available for a short period of time, but that is gives only more reason to sign up with the Casinia program, and join this fantastic online casino in many more adventures. Prizes from this promo will be awarded to players with the highest equalized wins from 20 consecutive rounds, so that everyone gets an equal chance in winning, regardless of the spin value. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Casinia Casino Promotion

Tournament: Valentine’s Warm-Up

Ends: 15th February 2022

Total prize pool: €15,000

No. of prizes: 10

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