Dragons are majestic creatures of myth and legend, beings of pure magic who are recognized by their lizard-like features, colorful scales, extremely high intelligence and strength – among multiple other traits. Those who are drawn to fantastical stories are likely to check out this newly launched campaign that has been traversing the virtual platform at 32Red casino. The DragonZ Achievements is an uncanny online event that offers the participants a unique and rewarding experience, all the while exposing them to the fabulous casino game of “Dragonz”.

Dragonz is an amazing slot machine from Microgaming, based on the epic fantasy setting where our scaly protagonists roam the realms in search for hidden treasures. If you wish to help them amass a pile of gold and gems, plus get a share of the booty, then hop in to join the promo by taking part in the activities set forth by 32Red. First off, you need to fill the blank space on the promotional page with your own username and select the ‘Opt In’ button. After successfully completing this necessary stage, you will be able to join forces with the friendly dragons and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of Dragonz. Meet with Gobble, Frost, Switch & Flint – the main protagonists of this powerful video slot, which is going to help you achieve whatever tasks the game has set before you. In order to win the rewards, you must unlock specific achievements, which might grant you instant free spins or even vast amounts of bonus money.

Climb the leaderboard by making as many spins as you possibly can as each and everyone of those counts toward your progress. Track it through the pay table inside the game and be the first to grab £2,500 before anyone else does. Visit casino 32Red for more info or to quickly access Dragonz and play the game to unlock all of the achievements needed to emerge victorious from this perilous quest.

Frost Achievement: unlock it for 20 Free Spins – all 3 winning combinations are required (Frost Symbol)

Wild Achievement: unlock this for the instant 200 Free Spins – all 3 winning combinations are required (Wild Symbol)

All Achievements: unlock them before the 14th November and be the first to get £2,500 – all 3 winning combinations are required (All Symbols)

32Red Casino Promotion

* This campaign will remain open until the 14th of November 2016, 23:59 UK Time

* Every single spin made on the Dragonz slot, grants one point toward the leaderboard

* Opting in for this event, makes a player eligible for unlocking achievements

* Free spins gathered through achievements are provided on the Dragonz slot machine

* First one to unlock all of the achievements, gets the £2,500 bonus prize

* Achievements are tracked separately across the eligible platforms

* Free spin rewards are granted within 24 hours since completing achievements

* Bonuses will be credited before 5pm, on the 15th November

* Additional T&C may apply henceforth

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