There is something horrifying about the fact that people want to be scared or terrified of their own, free will. Hence so many horror movies and survival video games, which became some of the most popular genres among many of those looking for such morbid entertainment. Maybe it is the progressing civilization and the lack of potential dangers or sheer boredom that draws us to monsters and spooky things in general. Whatever the case might be here, it still does not change the fact that it can be still fun and entertaining as hell, and some would probably more than agree on this.

That is why the annual Halloween party might be a good idea, and what party could work without a game or two. The best games are digital ones and even casinos have their share of fantastic slot machines with horror influenced themes, or even based on scary movies. Case in point: the Trick or Treat campaign by Ace Lucky Casino, which currently offers you a chance to enter the draw for £/$/€20,000 in cold, hard cash. In order to participate in the raffle, which by the way is going to be carried out on the 25th of October, one must simply get an entry ticket by wagering a minimum of £/$/€20 on selected games.

All wagers must be made with real money of course, within the promotional period that continues util midnight on October 24th. You get 1 automatic entry for placing a qualifying wager on either “Beautiful Bones” or “Lost Vegas” slots, or even 2 automatic entries if you making your wagers on the “Halloween” slot.

Ace Lucky Casino Promotion

Trick or Treat promo: 11th – 24th (October)

Qualifying games: Halloween, Lost Vegas, Beautiful Bones

2 automatic entries: £/$/€20 wagered on “Halloween”

1 automatic entry: £/$/€20 wagered on “Lost Vegas” or “Beautiful Bones”

Cash prizes: £/$/€20,000
1 x £/$/€2,000
3 x £/$/€1,000
10 x £/$/€500
20 x £/$/€250
50 x £/$/€100

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