The online casino Casinoin branches out to its new players, by introducing more of these amazing new bonus campaigns. The Casinoin casino now launches the Wingardium Leviosa Tournament, which is now live and ready to provide a decent amount of top notch entertainment. You can join it right away, and of course get to enjoy all that this fascinating world of gaming has in store. Just remember, that if you are still a new user; you can claim the welcome bonus package and enjoy a variety of other rewards as well. But that is not the only place where all these things that make it so much more fun over here.

You can also find yourselves surrounded by all these amazing games, which are more than enough to make that whole experience as memorable as ever. But of course, you can still win some great cash prizes here as well, because that is exactly what the Casinoin program has in store for you at the moment. The Wingardium Leviosa tournament starts on the 8th of March this year, and so it will continue on until March 22nd. Feel free to join at any moment, for then you will have a chance to explore the lobby more, and receive even more perks and benefits from this online casino. The top 21 players will be rewarded at the end of this competition, allowing you to further gain control over the many previous challenges, but also to make certain things possible in the process. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Casinoin Promotion

Promo: Wingardium Leviosa

Start: 8th March 2021

End: 22nd March 2021

Form: online tournament

Leaderboard: top 21

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