Have you been to the online casino Neon54 as of late? Because if you haven’t, then there are quite many exciting things that should pique your interest at this point. For one; the Neon54 casino is having all these awesome tournaments, as well as various other notorious things, which may also involve a plethora of new games and everything. Since that is just one of the main attractions and aspects of such experience that are going to pay off in due time. So make sure to stay tuned for many more possibilities to win, and software options that are equally fun as they are entertaining.

The Week of No Limits will continue on spreading joy and giving away various gifts and other goodies to all the participants out there who wish to join it and have a lot of fun and games in the process. Everyone who would like to partake in that event, may want to check it out now and enter the Week of No Limits, which shall remain open until the 19th of June this year. During the action that follows soon after, the players will have a chance to win many cool prizes. Including a share out of the total of 8,000 Euros. As that is the main pool of cash prizes that has been prepared for this weekly tournament.

Neon54 Casino Promotion

Tournament: Week of No Limits

Games: featured slots

Prize Pool: €8,000

Minimum Bet: €0.3

Start: 13/06/2022

End: 19/06/2022

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