The summer holidays are looking particularly awesome for all the players out there who are planning to have some fun outdoors; due to the hot and sunny weather – a seemingly perfect combination for any beach party or garden barbecue. Aside from taking a well deserved break from work, you can take a breather and focus on what you enjoy most in life, and there are lots of different things to choose form. Naturally, the things that you like most will have priority, but there are is no shortage of alternatives to try or maybe even experiment with. General terms and conditions of the service will apply.

It is just as many would have it, and now would be probably a good time to introduce the online casino: Aplay – a reliable and trusted source of digital entertainment and otherwise hub for everything that resembles gambling in one form or another. This excellent online casino is a perfect choice for new and inexperienced viewers, but seasoned gamblers will also find a plethora of challenges, if not more. Join the Aplay casino and enter one of its numerous battles, or kick back and relax while you play games in one of its ongoing campaigns. One of these promotions is the slot tournament for July 2019, fittingly dubbed: Summer Splash – a competition with multiple slots and a total of $15,000 in cash prizes.

A couple of these fantastic video slots that can be played during the Summer Splash slot tournament – which also qualify for the prize pool of 15 000 USD, includes all of the following online casino games: Spirits of the Storm, Seasons Winter, Seasons Autumn, Seasons Spring, Seasons Summer, Jewelry Dragon, Shishi, Caichen and Xiaoqian, Wild Esqueleto, Fruit Gemz, Dragon Carnival, Monkey King vs Bull Devil, Femme Pirate, Sakurako, Beauty of the East.

Aplay Casino Promotion

Campaign: Summer Splash

Type: Slot Tournament

Duration: 5th – 25th July

Rewards: 15 000 USD

Qualification: selected games

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