Head to the Optibet casino where an exciting online promo is in motion right now, delivering its participants an huge dose of excitement and the chance to win lots and lots of free spins. If you care to join the Slots Race, then you must know there will be many bonuses for you during this online event, as casino Optibet had ensured that everyone could grab a small portion of the prize pool. With 40,000 Free Spins to be given away this time, chances are that you can definitely look forward to playing some fancy slots in the near future. That is if you opt in and qualify for the winnings, because the competition will be tough. Playing real money slots and earning VIP points gives you the right to be placed on higher positions, so check with the leaderboard if you want to see how many of the free spins you may get at the end of this challenge.

There is also a Game Gonzo reveal each Tuesday and Thursday, which carries double points on the games that would be featured during this period. Landing on the 1 – 5 spots will grant you free spin bonuses that are worth €1 per spin, so make sure to aim high, as there is always a chance that you are going to win. For those of you who love playing games; the Optibet online casino will carry out this promotion until the 28th of May, so there are only a few days left to join and have some fun. The full list of conditions for this campaign are available on the promo webpage.

Optibet Casino Free Spins

* The giveaway includes 40,000 Free Spins

* Rank 1-5 free spins are worth: €1 / spin

* These bonuses will be wager-free

* Game Gonzo reveals carry double points

* Promo ends on 28/05/2017 at 23:59EET

* Standard Terms & Conditions apply

Rank / Prize
1 = 150 Free Spins
2 = 120 Free Spins
3 = 100 Free Spins
4 = 80 Free Spins
5 = 60 Free Spins
6-14 = 100 Free Spins
15-40 = 60 Free Spins
41-51 = 50 Free Spins
52-61 = 40 Free Spins
62-91 = 30 Free Spins
92-100 = 20 Free Spins

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