Those casino players who love to indulge themselves in the game of roulette from time to time, can already expect to see a whole lot of action for the next two weeks. CasinoPop has guaranteed that it would be an exciting time with all the goodies they can receive and share, because there are plenty of amazing prizes to be won at Casino Pop right now.

There is no need to study any terms or conditions, because it’s quite simple: earn 1 point with every €1 bet that you make on any kind of games, except for the table games of course, as those are reserved for later. The single biggest won of the day, will then contribute 10x toward your winning amount, as the winner gets the money into the player account, and places a bet of your own choice on the NetEnt LIVE Roulette. Everything you need to know is that everyone is welcome to join. A perfect bet is all you need to win yourselves some of the money, so get into it whenever you’re ready.

Such a promising setup is going to nicely fit the tournament, and it might just be exactly the right trigger for winning big prizes this time. It takes only one bet to win, and the rules are really easy, so much that anybody can become an instant winner in practically no time. Just log in to CasinoPop between January 22nd and February 5th, and you will become eligible for the massive €4,000 prize pool, which should put things into perspective, as the first place comes with a whopping €1,000. There are even consolation prizes, and the participants can use both: real money as well as bonus money to place their bets on any games they like. Opt in for this tournament by reaching the official Casino Pop website throughout the week.

CasinoPop Promotion

Campaign: The Perfect Bet

Total Prize Pool: €4,000

Date: 22nd January – 5th February

1st Prize: €1,000
2nd Prize: €700
3rd Prize: €500
4th-5th Prize: €300
6th-10th Prize: €200
11th-15th Prize: 100 Epic Spins

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