Feel free to join the Reelfree – an ongoing slots tournament by casino Oshi, which brings all the comp points that one can only collect during the time of this competition. And while that sounds like a really great thing to consider, there are lots of other reasons why you should give this online casino a try. First off, the Oshi program contains many valuables, starting with special bonus offers and welcome packages for all those who are planning on making an investment into their gambling future. And the future looks really good, especially for the ones who really want to enter the world of Oshi, and its super fun online casino. Any requirements, terms and conditions that customers need to know before they officially join the club, are always presented along with the rest of potential benefits – usually bonuses or free spins.

Then there are all the amazing games that you can play, and are guaranteed to enjoy nonetheless, which is always a good thing – that’s for sure. The games will also come in a variety of flavors too, including popular options that include contributions from multiple software companies. The thing that we are about to talk about right now however, depicts one of the many slots tournaments and races, which are often hosted by the Oshi casino, practically on a day-to-day basis.

Once ready, each tournament offers many challenges during the games, and a long list of slots that you can play throughout the entire active period of such campaign. The tournament described here, is the one known as Reelfree; a recurring event that often comes with a plethora of comp points. In fact, there are 205,000 Comp Points in total – reserved for this promotion all alone, which has been planned for quite some time. Oshi is full of surprises, and it has created a whole new branch of online gaming, represented by its incredible entertainment platform.

Oshi Casino Promotion

Promotion: Reelfree

Type: Tournament

Prize: 205,000 Comp Points

Bets: real money only

Points: calculated on win rate

Ends: September 3rd

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