Casinos had been an exclusive form of entertainment, and that was entirely wrong to begin with, but times have changed and thanks to the magic of the internet, everyone is welcome to play at the tables or roll the dice while shifting cards – simultaneously. Many might argue about the things behind an online casino, but there is no need to worry whenever the online factor is involved, because now you can enjoy this favorite pastime just by accessing your personal computer.

You know you are gambling for good reason with CasinoPop, even if that is what actually drives the players right now, so if you want to win an amazing trip to one of the popular locations, then get ready for another splendorous popTicket raffle, because it is that time of the month. Casino Pop is going to carry out its next raffle on the 28th of November, which is really soon, so you better start collecting tickets if you want to be included as well. Hosted at 12:00 CET, the draw will decide which lucky person goes this year to Spain, which should let avoid the cold weather entirely, provided that you are living in a region that has a winter season at all. If you are not a member of CasinoPop – then even better, because this would be the perfect opportunity to finally sign up and enter its fantastic program, claiming a bunch of bonuses along the way.

It could not be a better time to get on board with Casino Pop, and join the nearest Pop Ticket raffle, if only to top things off a bit. Full terms and conditions regarding this type of promotion are of course available on the official casino site.

CasinoPop Promotion

popTicket raffle:
Date: 28th November (2017)
Time: 12:00 [CET]
Features: popSpin games
Destination: Spain

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