There is a new online competition at casino Casinoisy, a recurring promotion called the Monthly Casino Race, which seems like a perfect title for this exciting new promotion. If you would like to participate in it, then there is nothing easier than that – simply follow the links that lead to the Casinoisy casino, and then opt in by using the appropriate button; located on the promotional webpage. If you are going to play at this online casino anyway, then why not harness its fullest potential, by taking part in what is probably its best gaming offer as of late. The campaign looks quite promising, and carries a lot of valuable prizes with it, so if you would like to become part of it, then join through the casino’s official site.

There will be more coming to this online casino soon – that’s for sure, but for the time being; let’s settle for what is currently going on there. The Casinoisy’s Monthly Casino Race is an event worth waiting for, and it makes this an easy and enjoyable distraction, which offers a regular dose of this entertainment, each and every month. The race offers a total pool of €1000 worth in cash prizes for the winners, and everyone has the same and equal chance of getting a fair share of this prize pool. Get ready for some fast-paced action, and enter the world of Casinoisy, where anything can happen.

Casinoisy Casino Promotion

Campaign: Monthly Casino Race

Prize Pool: €1000

Wagering: wager-free

Qualification: playing games

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