Anybody can become a true champion of a particular competition, not everyone has got what it takes to win though, so that should always be taken under consideration. There are plenty of challenging activities, many of which involve sports, but not only, as competitive gaming became one of the popular events nowadays, with much better rewards for the winners, who in fact must gamble against the odds if they truly want to win. All of this is but a tip of the iceberg, which is quite large to be honest and does not take cheating lightly, regardless what kind of field it might be.

There is always room for newcomers however, as they might want to try their skills in whatever the scene is going throw at them, thus increasing the probability to win in more ways than one could even imagine. Certainly not the first but definitely the most exciting, a promotion designated for this month by Royal Panda casino is going to feature much of desirable entertainment, along with many cash prizes of course. Become a champion of roulette and share €10,000 with your fellow players, as this would be a challenge you might not forget that soon. Log in to your account at casino Royal Panda between the 1st and 30th of June, and you will be eligible to participate in the ongoing gambling event.

Aim for the Live Roulette game and make sure that you do any of the following: hit the most double straight-ups, wager the highest amount across roulette games, play the most rounds or score the biggest wins during a single day of this month. If you prove that you are a roulette champion, then Royal Panda will add a €1,000 Tournament Bonus to your personal account, so do not waste any precious time and here there straight away.

Royal Panda Casino Promotion

Promo period: 1-30 June 2017

Tournament criteria
– Most double straight-ups
– Most wagers made this month
– Most rounds played in roulette
– Biggest total wins this month
– Biggest win – on a single day

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