What other entertainment could provide a viewer with an instant reward that results in cold, hard cash than gambling? Many of the viewers may still be wondering if that is even worth their time, as some of these variants of games can be really volatile and prove that only luck might determine what the outcome is. But that is a thing of the past, and there are many online casinos that offer guaranteed prizes and bonuses that can be immediately gained after reaching a certain stage of this experience. There can still be many risks involved, but the better the rewards would be at the end.

If you haven’t joined the BGO casino, then it’s a real shame, because this long running and successful gambling platform has been offering some of the best kinds of prizes, for the past couple of years or so, hosting a plethora of special events. There is no need to ponder on that, as the future will bring even more of similar benefits to enjoy, and one can always receive a very attractive welcome offer, reserved for new customers who are willing to deposit at casino BGO for the very first time. All things considered, there is already a campaign running at BGO right now – The Boss’ Card, and there is only one day left to grab one of the instant money rewards that had been made available for this occasion alone.

Join the game at the Prime Blackjack tables each day until the 9th of January 2018, and find out if you get one of the hidden cards in the deck, which offer an instant cash prize of £500. Get a Gold Card and you will earn £500, or £5 by getting a Silver Card, which are also hiding in the blackjack deck. What’s best however, is that even if you uncover one of these cards, they return to the game, giving you another chance to win a cash bonus in another round, or even in the next one. Find out more about the Boss’s Card promo and join this online casino as soon as you are ready to get sucked into a world of fully digitized, high quality entertainment. As usual, the full terms and conditions are available on the official website.

BGO Casino Promotion

* The Boss’ Card offer is be active until January 9th, 2018 [23:59GMT]

* This promotion is available exclusively with the Prime Blackjack table

* Campaign is open to both: new and existing players (18+ only)

* Silver Cards earn the player a £5 cash prize

* Gold Cards result in a cash prize worth £500

* These cash prizes have no wagering requirements

* Betting Behind will not qualify for this event

* Standard Terms & Conditions may apply

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