The Playluck casino is about to transform into an ancient gladiatorial coliseum, where the best warriors are going to fight till death, vowing for fame, fortune and freedom. Only the most skillful and resilient fighters can emerge from the arena, and so one must be bold enough to even enter; for death will be the only way out. All of that might seem grim and since that was how things actually were in the dark past of ancient times, the only thing that you are about to compete in is Microgaming’s Arena of Gold. This fascinating video slot has been based on the ancient Roman tradition of gladiatorial matches; a brutal and bloody sport that took lives of many enslaved humans. This horrid example of how history can be as much terrifying as any slasher film, shows us just how this civilization has progressed, even if not entirely for the better.

Join the online casino Playluck during this gladiator tournament and play the “Arena of Gold” by Microgaming, which is about to bring you closer to the main attraction: €5,000. Everyone is welcome to join the Arena of Gold promotion, which will remain open between the 8th and 15th of May 2020. Spin the featured video slot to top the leaderboard and conquer it, thus emerging victorious and seizing the main cash prize – worth €2,000. To the victor go the spoils, so do not be afraid to take risks, because no one has ever won without seizing the moment and taking fate in their own hands.

Playluck Casino Promotion

Campaign: Gladiator Tournament

Start: 8th May 2020 [7am-GMT]

End: 15th May 2020 [7am-GMT]

Software Provider: Microgaming

Featured Game: Arena of Gold

Prize Pool: €5,000 Cash

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