The Spin And Win casino has prepared something really special this week, and all of its players can join and collect up to even 500 Free Spins, which are available during the Stairway to Spins promotion. It is quite an offering, and one should not miss this opportunity to receive a whole lot of extra spins before this month ends, as the campaign lasts only from 19th till 25th of March 2018. You can find all that information at SpinAndWin, along with official terms and conditions.

Even though the promo is slowly coming to an end, you can still win yourselves a couple of those extra free spins, while those who have been playing all this time – may definitely want to check their accounts, because there will be a lot of spins in there. In order to enter the Stairway to Spins, you have to opt in by using the button, which can be found on the promotional page, over at casino Spin And Win. Then, you can start with a deposit of at least £20, and proceed further on by playing any slots you like – and there are lots and lots of those. The more you wager however – the more free spins you will get out of this, so for example by wagering £10-49.99 you get 5 free spins, but wager £50-249.99 and you will have 10 free spins.

Make successful wagers that total in £250-999.99, and there will be 25 free spins for you, or choose to go all out and wager over £1000 to win 55 free spins. Of course, if you continue to wager for the next few days, then you will receive more free spins with each consecutive day, but you must hurry and enter SpinAndWin as soon as possible.

Spin And Win Casino Free Spins

Days / Prizes
Play on a single day – Win up to 55 Free Spins
Play 2 days in a row – Win up to 60 Free Spins
Play 3 days in a row – Win up to 65 Free Spins
Play 4 days in a row – Win up to 70 Free Spins
Play 5 days in a row – Win up to 75 Free Spins
Play 6 days in a row – Win up to 85 Free Spins
Play 7 days in a row – Win up to 90 Free Spins

Wagers (1 day)
£10-£49.99 = 5 Free Spins
£50-£249.99 = 10 Free Spins
£250-£999.99 = 25 Free Spins
£1,000+ = 55 Free Spins

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