UK Casino is still hosting its huge online promotion, in which there is a whole lot of money to be enjoyed by just about anyone who is still up for the challenge. The absolutely massive £15,000 Cash Giveaway is going to end today, on the 9th of July at 23:59, but there is still time for you to enter the draw, in which many will be going back home with their pockets filled with cash. Smash the Pig Prize Draw and get to spend some of the money on whatever you like best in the world, because there is no telling when such opportunity is going to arise once more. For every £10 that you stake on games at the UKCasino, you will be credited one entry for the raffle, so play as much as you can to collect even more tickets.

Everyone can get a chance at snagging some portion of the cash and the higher the position, the more of it is going to end up in your hands. Although this campaign is coming to an end, you may yet give an opportunity to enter the final draw, so hurry up already and make your way to UK Casino right away. There is much more waiting for you upon the arrival, but do not miss it as there is plenty of money to go around and you can grab it just like anybody else. Do not forget about checking the terms and conditions first, to see if you are eligible and how to proceed from then onward.

UK Casino Promotion

Smash The Pig Prize Draw: 30th June – 9th July

Draw Date: 10th July 2017

Prize Amount:
£200 x 10
£100 x 15
£50 x 25
£20 x 40
£10 x 480
£5 x 930

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