It’s another exciting tournament from the new online casino Alf, and it looks like there are going to be many more coming pretty soon. For now, let’s focus on the tournament at hand, which is Slot of the Week – and it comes with the “Rio Fever” slot as its main attraction. That, and the total prize pool worth 100K in Loyalty Points, which you can win during your next visit to the Alf casino. But the slot of the week is but only one thing that makes it so interesting, and there are many more reasons why you should join Alf right this instance. Well, for one you may claim a welcome bonus – if it’s your first time depositing at this online casino, which should be enough to start playing the games that you know and like so much.

Then there is the tournament of course, which comes with a very generous prize pool of 100K LPs, which is definitely an attractive opportunity, if there ever was one. But you can learn more about that, if you join the network and become a loyal member of its amazing program. All the terms, conditions, and wagering requirements, can be located in the legal sections or accompanying the active promotions. Seek out the nearest game and try some of those spins to make sure they’re all you’ve been hoping for – just don’t forget about the ongoing tournament event!

The minimum bet required to participate is only €0.30, so there is that too, but more importantly, you will be able to enjoy some of that Rio Fever for the entire duration of this campaign. Speaking of which; the tournament has begun on the 27th of August, and will continue on – right until the end of this month, which is the 31st of August.

That gives you all plenty of time to join the Alf program, and take part in this exciting tourney for 100,000 of loyalty points. You can head there now, and see what other games or tournaments await you next. The Alf casino is one of the newer gaming sites that has been introduced to the internet public this year, so if for some reason you haven’t been able to register with it yet, then now is the time to make it happen. There’s an entire galaxy of games – just waiting to be explored, and the journey is just about to begin, with many fantastic adventures ahead.

Alf Casino Promotion

Tournament: Slot of the Week

Start: 27-08-2018

End: 31-08-2018

Game: Rio Fever

Min. bet: €0.30

Prize pool: 100,000 L.P.

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