The newly opened online casino Alf brings you a lot of high grade entertainment, especially now with the commotion caused by the World Cup 2018 – there will be plenty of chances for you to win a couple of amazing prizes. If you cannot wait until you finally get your hands on some of the prizes, then don’t hesitate any longer; simply follow the links and sign up with the Alf casino program, earning a few bonuses in the process. There are lots of surprises waiting for you at Alf, including all the extra bets and free spins that can be won during the games. Those are but some of the options that players can enjoy while being part of the Alf network, and they are about to discover all sorts of amusements, which are only going to make this kind of experience last longer and keep them occupied for the many long hours of fun and games to come.

Right now however, let’s focus on the football themed tournament: Hot Shots Russia 2018, which has appeared just in time for the worldwide championships in soccer, hosted this year in Russia. All the fans of this sport are probably already exciting about all the matches they are going to watch on their television set, happening for the next couple of months, and right on time for the viewers to enjoy the spoils of their many victories, which are going to happen at Alf throughout the days that follow. The Hot Shots – Russia 2018 tournament runs between the 15th of June and 15th of July, resulting in an entire month of non-stop gaming madness. With a total of €8,000 in cash prizes, the players can compete for a share of this prize every single week, for as long as the promotion lasts. Those who would like to know more about it, can already sign up at Alf, claiming an attractive welcome bonus package to instantly boost their progress from the start.

Alf Casino Promotion

Tournament: Hot Shots – Russia 2018

Start: 15-06-2018

End: 15-07-2018

Min. bet: €2

Prize pool:
1. Total prize: €500
2. Total prize: €1,000
3. Total prize: €1,500
4. Total prize: €2,000
5. Total prize: €3,000

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