The internet is filled with many spectacular casinos, many of which are sporting quite interesting themes and original designs. Online casinos have risen to prominence ever since the software allowed to create gambling apps based on popular casino entertainment, like slot machines for instance. Promotions are also an important aspect of such experience and what other place has a more unique background to follow some of its campaigns, than Super Lenny.

This original gaming platform has prepared multiple promotions for the entire September, so make sure that you gather all of your friends and bring them over to Lenny’s. First off, there is the Live Casino Tournament, which altogether brings an enormous pile of cash to the game. Winners will be sharing a total of €25,000 in the next two weeks, during which the tournament is going to be hosted by SuperLenny. The live casino tournament takes place between the 10th and 25th of September, givings its participants 15 days of intense gaming, so hopefully one has some time reserved to follow this event all along. With 35 cash prizes in general, the tournament will see to it that everybody goes back home with a handful of chips in the pocket. It does not get better than this, so remember to take your chances with this competition.

Each Friday during September, Super Lenny is also going to host a special event known as the Friday Cash Race, which becomes available from 16:00 to 22:00 on that day. One special slot game will be chosen for this occasion alone and while you play it, your chances of winning a share of the €2,500 will grow exponentially. Check back every week and find out which game have been selected to participate in the next racing event. Granted that you are a member of this online casino, you may already sign up for the fun, and still expect may more attractions to come in the near future.

Super Lenny Casino Promotion

* The Friday Cash Race is hosted on selected games every Friday of the month (September)

* The Live Casino Tournament will be open from 10th until 25th of September 2016

* A total €25,000 prize pool will be split among multiple tournament winners

* Each cash race brings a total of €2,500 to the game

* General Terms & Conditions may apply

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