Merry Rizkmas from casino Rizk! What, too soon? Not really, if you consider that these holidays are much more fun, and actually inclusive. Celebrate Rizkmas 2018 with Rizk casino, when you visit its gaming site between the 23rd November and December 24th. You will have a lot of time to choose your presents, and of course enjoy everything that Rizk has prepared for this special occasion all along. It doesn’t even matter if you have been naught or nice this year – because everyone is welcome to share the fun as well as prizes. The best part is all players will be able to collect some points and enjoy some great presents, and there is always much to look forward when it comes to winning additional prizes.

These holidays are going to be very rich and pleasant for everyone involved, so expect to have a fantastic time and don’t forget to visit Rizk in the new year, because this online casino has always something special prepared for its clients. If you are new to online gambling – then don’t forget to claim your welcome offer – as it’s going to help you to make even better progress with the events that are about to follow. This is going to be a very merry Rizkmas indeed, so don’t hesitate to join, and follow the online casino throughout the next few weeks to come. This promotion, including all the free spins and reload bonuses, is subject to specific terms, conditions, and wagering requirements.

Rizk Casino Promotion

Promotion: Rizkmas 2018

Dates: 23/11/2018-24/12/2018

1 Present: for each player per day

Max Prize: €100 in cash (daily)

Free/Super/Mega Spins: wager-free

Reload Bonuses: 20x wagering

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