Space is truly the final frontier – or at least it would be if we could travel to distant galaxies and visit other planets than our own. Unfortunately for us; it’s not possible, or at least not possible for the time being, as we haven’t developed any technology that could even come close to the speed of light and safely navigate the irradiated void of the space.

Of course, one day everything could drastically change, and either we discover some groundbreaking tech in the far away future, or will be presented one by some friendly alien race that visits our little dirt ball. Or we get eradicated by some space fairing monsters – who knows? Anyway, let’s come down to Earth and focus on the now; like for instance this new spaced out promotion that is approaching the WildSlots casino as we speak. Standard terms and conditions apply.

Just don’t forget to plan this event in your calendar, because Reach for the Stars – is the name of this new promo and it’s coming to online casino WildSlots in the week that follows. Active between the 18th and 20th of July 2019, the Reach for the Stars promotion will offer 30, 50 and 75 bonus spins on space-themed video slots like Cosmic Fortune, Planet Fortune or Starburst. Just make sure to sign up if you are still new to the Wild Slots casino website.

WildSlots Casino Promotion

18th July 2019
Day: Thursday
Bonus: 30 Spins
Game: Cosmic Fortune
Deposit: €/$/£25
Wagering: 35x

19th July 2019
Day: Friday
Bonus: 50 Spins
Game: Planet Fortune
Deposit: €/$/£30
Wagering: 35x

20th July 2019
Day: Saturday
Bonus: 75 Spins
Game: Starburst
Deposit: €/$/£40
Wagering: 35x

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