The GunsBet casino has prepared a few special things for this new year, so that 2022 would prove to be quite intense and very entertaining for everyone involved. This is probably the best place to be around whenever there are some tournaments or promotions, and the GunsBet casino happens to have plenty of both. There is always a lot of that happening there, so the bonus events that you are about to witness are sure to bring you many awesome goodies. This is the coolest way for players to join and have a great time in general, so make sure that you are ready to join and have a few quick rounds while you explore this fascinating world of online casinos. This sure bodes well for anyone who has never experienced this kind of gambling, or any of the other forms of digital entertainment that are usually provided here.

It sure may sound like the players are in for some pretty cool treats, which in turn should lead them towards many more winnings and opportunities to score really amazing prizes. The rewards will undoubtedly be quite generous, and so let everybody enjoy their time over here. If you would like to check out some of these impressive new games, then you can be sure to find them all at the Guns Bet casino site. Plus, there is already a thrilling event going on there; the Playson Prize Strike for 60K. Get ready for more slot based spinning action, and pick any Playson slots you like; from a whole bunch of participating games. The tourney will remain open until the 31st of January 2022, so get out there now and check some of these amazing games right away. Additional bonus terms and conditions can still apply, of course.

GunsBet Casino Promotion

Tournament: Prize Strike

Games: Playson slots

Prize Pool: €60,000

Start: 21/01/2022

End: 31/01/2022

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