Awake the sleeping dragon and claim what fortune became available this time, because the online casino Alf is going into overdrive this week. The Alf casino needs no introduction; it’s a cutting edge gaming platform that is powered by all kinds of software, and it just happens so that it will continue to expand over the course of time. The dragon mentioned earlier, comes from the game influenced by Chinese mythology, one particular slot titled: “Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win”.

As fate would have it, the dragons are probably the most intelligent and mysterious of all creatures obscured by the tales of fantasy and wonder, but it doesn’t change the fact that they have often been portrayed as villains or monsters, even though they have been widely known as bearers of good fortune. Thankfully, the Dragon’s Pearls will be able to change the odds in the players’ favor, and even though the dragon cannot make their wishes come true – it can reward them with 50,000 Euros. The Dragon’s Pearls tournament has started at Alf this time and will continue on till the very end. It’s a whole week of online action, which comes with special rewards that one cannot get anywhere else.

Alf Casino Promotion

Tournament: Dragon’s Pearls

Start: Fall 2022

Total Pool: €50,000

Min. Bet: €1

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