Twin Casino is planning to make the Halloween season quite memorable this year, and you can learn all about it by visiting its official site right now. This particular type of promotional offer is going to cause some real goosebumps, so prepare for some celebrations this week, but don’t forget to check with the ongoing status of other campaigns that might be running simultaneously with this one. Why not take this opportunity to sign up with the Twin program, and opt for its many rewards, many of which are credited to your account instantly upon verification. Have a Happy Halloween, and don’t forget to visit Casino Twin – between the 22nd and 31st of October this year, which is when you can win some magnificent prizes. Further terms and conditions may still apply, so check with the Twin Casino website for verification.

There are no tricks involved here; only treats of the finest sort, and of course a variety of other exciting things, that you can often find to your liking as well. There is a scary looking castle on top of a haunted hill, shrouded in the mists clouding the nearby forest, leading to a path where a cemetery with gravestones can be located. There, you will find the bonuses for each day of this Halloween special, which should properly boost your gaming progress throughout the week. If you visit each day, you will be able to score some extra points, and of course play some of the hottest online games on top of that. Find out what treasures lurk underneath those creepy looking gravestones, and receive a different bonus each day – but only if you take part in Betsson’s Happy Halloween special. It’s gonna be a Happy Halloween for sure.

Twin Casino Promotion

Promotion: Happy Halloween

Duration: 22-31 October

Bonus: daily offers

Available: once a day

T&Cs: apply

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