This new year could prove to be disastrous, or maybe the other way round – as successful as any year can be, provided that you contribute in making it such. Whether you plan on having some fun or ensuring that the progress might be going in the right direction – whatever your role in all this, it can always lead to a reaction that further changes the world as we know it. All that aside, the new chapter has begun so there is no point in reminiscing about the past, and better focus on the future ahead. Working hard has its own benefits, but one must be really careful as to not overdo it. Entertainment is just as crucial, and what better way to start off the new year, than with a bunch of games that can be always picked over at casino Optibet.

Such promotion carries its own benefits, and there are certainly many of those, but rest assured that winning a share of a massive €1000 can get anyone’s attention. Every single week there will be cash prizes and over 2600 Free Spins, available to the top 50 players who are planning on participating in Optibet’s new tournament. The slot races care carried out on a weekly basis, with six weeks in total, starting with the 1st and 11th of January 2018 that is currently in motion.

Both: the cash rewards and free spins, have no wagering requirements whatsoever, which means that you can enjoy them as soon as you get your hands on those prizes. Any free spin winnings or cash will expire after 7 days, so make sure to use them as soon as they appear on your account. All you need to do is just play slots, as each slot race would be revolving exclusively around those games. Optibet casino has all the best promotions, and you only need to reach the site and witness these for yourself, to witness the capabilities of this gaming platform as it is. What you do not know however, is how easy it is to join the program, so find out what the initial requirement is, and sign up at your earliest convenience, because a whole new world of opportunities awaits there, bringing you even closer to great success.

Optibet Casino Promotion

Position / Prize
1st: €150
2nd: €120
3rd: €100
4th: €90
5th: €70
6th-15th: 125 Free Spins
16th-25th: 75 Free Spins
26th-50th: 25 Free Spins

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