Video Poker is a widely recognized type of gambling entertainment, one that especially connects to any respectable casino, able to manage all sorts of games. Although the game itself is already quite old and has been played by many groups of enthusiasts through the ages, it has been only in the modern era, that the Poker has gained a whole new meaning.

The video poker is an electronically based 5 card draw game, playable through a terminal that reminds of a popular slot machine device, where the players attend the session individually by themselves. It is just as exciting as any poker based card game and will generate even more astounding winnings for the lucky players, so basically it is a virtual form of poker that can be always enjoyed regardless of the circumstances.

NetEnt has empowered this gaming category with especially nice computer graphics, making it accessible to a wider audience who can manage each of their games through the online tools and services available at most casino providers. There is the All American, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Wilde and other notable variations of video poker that still come with additional features applicable for this sort of experience.