The new year is finally upon us, and that means many fresh perspectives on things, which should give something to look forward to with more hope. This usually comes with other aspects of life, however one must keep pushing forward, as to not look back too often, in case there is troubling brewing ahead. The best way to make certain changes to one’s own life, is by setting a few new year resolutions, or maybe radically changing it altogether. The next part is also important, and it involves putting the theory into practice, and leaving the life you want for yourself as best as possible and fun at that too.

Certain things can often help with that, and those might surprisingly involve such activities as playing online games – online games that can be located at places like Malina Casino. In order to secure a path to victory and enjoy all those things that Casino Malina has in store for its players this month, you must only follow the instructions posted on its website, where many other tournaments are still inbound. With an abundance of spectacular things that are bound to make this year quite special, it would be highly recommended to apply for any promotional events that are going to appear at MalinaCasino during September, or sometime later in the months that follow. The games that qualify for the Monthly Race tournament are: Battle Royal, 3888 Ways of the Dragon, Vikings, King of Dwarves, Baron Samedi, Ivan and the Immortal King, Yak Yeti and Roll, Bonanza Megaways, Fat Santa, Black Widow. Standard terms and conditions may still apply.

Malina Casino Promotion

Tournament: Monthly Race

Start: 01/09/2022 [00:01]

End: 30/09/2022 [23:59]

Games: featured slots

Total prize pool: 250,000 L.P.

Minimum bet: €0.30

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