Most of the people who even don’t dabble in gambling, will quickly recognize the eponymous game of chance known as roulette, which is an iconic staple of every casino; whether land-based or an online platform. It sure does not get any better than this, while you watch the ball land on a winning spot after you placed your bets and get the exact numbers that you were hoping to. In the end, it is the sheer dose of entertainment that really counts, and you can definitely have plenty of fun when you get to play this game. Make the American Dream a reality, and visit the Lucky31 casino while the promotion is active, thus getting to play some epic roulette games, and being able to win cash prizes nonetheless.

Of all the available iterations of roulette, the following one is by far the most exciting one – especially since it’s being live streamed from a resort in the USA. Play the hot Foxwoods Roulette and collect points till you reach a winning combination of those, and then get a winning spot on the leaderboard that is going to decide who gets what and when.

There are weekly and monthly leaderboards, available until the month of December, which means that you can play this fabled game for as long as you want, and collect prizes till the end of this year. It will easy to enter the games, and you only have to be a registered member of casino Lucky31 to participate, so if still are not a part of the online casino – then rush to the Lucky 31 website, where you will find all the details on how you can immediately open an account there (receiving a welcome bonus in the process). Full terms and conditions are also available on the official site.

Lucky31 Casino Promotion

Weekly Leaderboard: Wednesday [0.00CEST] – Tuesday [23.59 CEST]

Monthly Leaderboard: 4th July – 31st December (2018)

10 points: after winning a Straight bet
5 points: after winning a Split bet
2 points: after winning a Corner bet
10 extra points: for every €100 wagered
50 points: winning on lucky numbers (4 or 7)
Double points (x2): July 4th – July 11th

Weekly Prizes:
1. 200EUR
2. 100EUR
3. 75EUR
4. 50EUR
5. 25EUR
6-10. 10EUR

Monthly Prizes:
1. 300EUR
2. 200EUR
3. 100EUR

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