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If you would like to bring some excitement into your life, then maybe it’s not such a bad idea to actually visit the Aplay casino – where the fun only starts when you decide it to. This fascinating place has been on the market only for a few months, and so far it has already brought a plethora of online games to play, multiple tournament battles for extra spins, and regular lotteries with more comp points that one can possibly imagine. All of that can be enjoyed by those who decide to enter the Aplay casino program, which is currently available to those who are eligible to play games with real money, because that is also what can be won throughout the many challenges ahead. Once you decide that you want to be a part of casino Aplay, then get ready for a quick sign up, and make the qualifying deposit to unlock other benefits.

That is of course, if you are prepared for the biggest and most exciting of all the attractions that Aplay has to offer: online lotteries, which are regularly hosted by the casino every week of the month; all year round. Depositing a specific amount of money, results in a different ticket cost, which ultimately gives you far better chances at winning the next draw. There are only a few tickets in drawing, so the winners are going to get a whole lot of comp points in each of the lotteries that appear at Aplay, which is all the more reason for you to enter the next draws.

Aplay Casino Promotion

30.00 – 150.00 | 30.00
151.00 – 450.00 | 27.00
451.00 – 1,500.00 | 25.00
1,501.00 — | 21.00

20 000 CP – 1 ticket in drawing
15 000 CP – 1 ticket in drawing
10 000 CP – 1 ticket in drawing
500 CP – 7 tickets in drawing
300 CP – 10 tickets in drawing

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